Chord QuteHD directly connected to NUC or Nucleus?

Anyone successfully used this great, older DAC directly connected to either Nucleus/Nucleus+ or NUC running ROCK? I have no trouble using it from a Win 10 laptop endpoint. It is said to be Linux compatible.

I have an IntelNUC813BEH running ROCK , my QuteHD does work via USB, although the QUTEST is normally attached . The QuteHD also works via USB on a Pi4 running Ropieee - Roon Bridge. As you say great DAC, which sadly at present largely gathers dust in my setup. I must point at I have not run it for more than a few minutes but that short test produced nothing untoward.

Thanks Steve!

So very helpful as I was beginning to worry about compatibility with the favored NUC8i7BEH. Since you were successful it seems clear that ROCK and Linux systems don’t need a special driver for the QuteHD.

I’m intent on using PCM & DSD (DoP). Things work fine with the QuteHD running off a Win 10 i5 laptop Roon core. My hope, though, is to get the laptop out of the loop and substitute the NUC (in a pinch, the laptop could serve as a bridge).

BTW, how quietly does your 8i3 run once library analysis is complete?


I think there’s fairly minimal fan noise, I don’t use DSP , so I guess it’s not working too hard.

Hey Steve,

Long-term follow up. I got a Raspberry Pi 4b running RoPieeeXL and it works seamlessly with the Chord QuteHD. Took 20 min to assemble and install, so you might consider dusting off your DAC and adding another endpoint! Now, I can run a NUC/ROCK as Core with the RoPieee endpoint driving the DAC.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Harold. I’ve since got the Raspberry bug, just 4 to date. Hence both Chord Dacs are now in use via Ropieee endpoints.