Chosing hardware and setting up

Hi all.
I’m ready to take the plunge into Roon world but have some questions.
I want to be able to control Roon with a tablet (Apple or Windows?) so will have to buy one. I also need to buy a new PC because mine is getting old. The PC will be used to run Roon and the occasional web browsing and work.
My audio setup nowadays is: Sonus Faber Toy Tower speakers, Peachtree Nova 65se integrated amplifier with included dac.
If I’m thinking correctly, I will install roon core in the PC, connect the PC to the amp via USB, and control roon playback via the windows or iOS app. Right?

I would appreciate any suggestions as to what should I buy, computer wise and tablet, or others, so I can enjoy Roon.

I’ve looked into alternatives (media servers, nuc, mac mini, streamers) but I’m not sure about them, and they are a more expensive option.

Any feedback about the best way to go will be greatly appreciated.


Your proposed setup will work. Keep in mind, Roon Core needs to be running to use the system. I would try it out for a bit so you can get an idea of how things work and sound; and then revisit this after you have used Roon for a bit. You can always expand the Roon ecosystem. :smiley:

You can install the full Roon on your PC. You can still do control via the iOS or Android tablet but you need the PC to act not only as a Core but also as a Roon endpoint, since you will be connecting the PC directly to your DAC. Of course, you can also do control from the PC. I mostly have iPads for control but we have one Android tablet, as well. I don’t think there is much difference between them, so you should probably choose the one you want based on other factors like cost and other potential uses for the tablet in your home.

Yes what you propose will work but you will need to have your PC relatively close to your amp to connect it via USB. PCs are usually noisy beasts so getting it out of your listening room is desirable. I would get something like an Allo Digione or Usbridge and use that to connect to your onboard DAC via coax or usb. You would then just connect the Allo device to the same Ethernet network as your PC.

You might get a load of electrical noise from the PC if your DAC USB port isn’t isolated. I fixed it with a £30 USB-ISO USB isolator from Amazon, it’s silent now.

Thanks for your answers!

I see the disadvantages of the desktop PC, sound wise, but the servers and nas that are able to support roon are way to expensive.
I considered buying a used mac mini, but I think it’s not worth it.

Do you think that I would gain much in sound quality if I purchased a external dac (the peachtree 65se has one) like the Pro-ject Pre Box S2, Chord Mojo or Ifi Black label (2nd hand prices)?

Thing is, you got me thinking: i have 700€ to buy a new PC, but as 90% of my time on the PC is spent on playing music…maybe I need something for audio/roon and not for computing…But still, 700€ isn’t much when I see the roon partners page.

Confused about everything except Roon :blush:

You have a good amp and speakers. What you need is a Roon transport. As @Tony_Reimann suggests, go for an inexpensive, but high quality Roon bridge. I’d recommend the Allo DigiOne for the Peachtree. You can buy this assembled with cable and power supply for around 170€.

Use your PC as Roon core/ control until you’re ready to buy a dedicated core and tablet, e.g. NUC.

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Digione or usbridge?

The Peachtree has S/PDIF coax and USB inputs and a reclocker on the DAC so the choice is yours. For quality and value I think the DigiOne is hard to beat.