Chris Wilson no longer performing

Chris Wilson, a much loved Melbourne musician has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and will no longer be performing. A benefit concert sold out within a day.

I can’t find any of Chris’s music on Tidal, which is wrong because it is very good. There are other musicians of the same name.These are the albums of his I have on CD:

I have seen Chris live about ten times and each time he was great. Not just good, really great.

Sad news. Long Weekend is on this TIDAL page, but he’s one of many same-named artists that the digital streaming chain has munged together.

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Long Weekend comes up amongst a bunch of Chris Wilson’s in the UK.

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Thanks Joel and Henry, Tidal does have The Long Weekend. Give it a listen anyone who likes Blues/Roots stuff:

Chris is probably the best blues harp player in Australia. It’s either him or Jim Conway.