Christian McBride - The Q Sessions

If you have Qobuz then you might want to give this new high resolution exclusive to Qobuz a listen:

The Q Sessions


Yep. It’s terrific, unsurprisingly.

Thank you, great find! With my fave drummer Eric Harland, who I’ve heard live many times, Marcus Strickland on sax, who I’ve heard live with McBride at a great gig. Didn’t know guitarist Mike Stern, one more to follow!

Really a great artist and these Q sessions are some of the best sounding streams Ive ever heard!

It does sound amazing. Here is some background on the recording.

Listened twice, first on headphones (Roon>Pi2AES>Holo Spring 2 KTE>ecp DSHA-3F>ZMF Verité closed), now on speakers (Roon>Linn Selekt system hub>Exact 530 speakers). Very good recording, with the double bass driving as it should. The speaker system is temporary (long story), TBH the tone and dynamics on the headphone system were more “right” than on the speaker system. Definitely worth many listens.