Christmas amusement

As my wife and I will be by ourselves on Christmas day (so like any other day in the last X months) we thought we would give ourselves something to think about.
So, we will be doing our respective top tens tracks and trying to compile a joint top ten as well.
Hopefully before we’ve attacked the alcohol we bought in for a planned larger gathering.


Excellent idea! Will you be documenting the results (the top tens, I mean…) here for posterity?

Why not, I’m used to people laughing at me in my daily life anyway. :slight_smile:

We bought Scalextrix :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

At least it’s safe to drink and drive as long as the car doesn’t knock my glass over …

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Do the cars stay on the track longer these days?
45 years ago I spent more time picking the cars up and traightening the commutator brushes than actually racing.


I had a deprived childhood I never had one, but now aged 7.0 I can reenact

Radar Love
The Chain

What more speeding music , I once got a ticket for speeding to Beethoven’s 5th

Hmm, I can see another thread topic here: music most likely to get you a speeding ticket. Top of my list would be Rage Against The Machine, closely followed by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It was my oldest brother’s so my time on it was limited!

There have been studies linking music to speeding BPM etc. Did you mash the loud pedal in time with the Ta da da dum…

Great PhD research topic …:wink:

“What kind of music makes you a worse driver? Find out which songs to avoid | RAC Drive”
“Music genre induced driver aggression: A case of media delinquency and risk-promoting popular culture - Warren Brodsky, Dana Olivieri, Eugene Chekaluk, 2018”

Haha. No poststructuralist approach yet?

I’m not clever enough to know what that means.

But sure, music emotions and actions are connected, we all know it. In Brussels in the Metro the play classical music to reduce violence. For sure it is a thing.

Actually looking at that post, it’s freaked me out a bit that I can remember “commutator brushes” but not what I came upstairs for.

How about top ten or favorite Christmas tracks. although reading the rest of the thread, are you talking about music tracks, as in songs, or race tracks? I’m confused but then that is my normal state.

Songs :man_singer::woman_singer::notes:
Christmas top ten Times Ten :grinning:

Chez Rockhound our Xmas top 10 only goes to 3.

Fairytale of New York
Snoopy’s Christmas
Stop the Cavalry

Obvious, “I Can’t Drive 55.”

Anybody been faster than this in 1/4 mile?

11/17/11, Gainesville, FL, 5:36 PM, 6.839 sec, 205.07 mph, Top Dragster

Woosh right over my head… Explanation?