Christmas Mix Bookmark

I’ve set up a bookmark for holiday music, and I’m wondering if there is a better approach. Now that it’s Thanksgiving, I feel I can appropriately ask this question (at least here in the US).

I want to make a bookmark that includes the genres Holiday and Pop/Rock. The only way that I can make this work is to EXCLUDE all genres except Holiday and Pop/Rock, as shown below.

The issue is that Roon seems to combine genres with an AND, so if I try the bookmark below I get tracks that are BOTH Pop/Rock and Holiday. That is a short list, with the way I use genres, as I don’t assign other genres to Holiday tracks. This keeps Holiday tracks from appearing in other playlists and popping up throughout the year.

This approach works, but certainly isn’t elegant. Has anyone found a better solution?

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Long way around things, but I just make a new playlist of my favourite Christmas music.

Did you try toggling the match all/ match any icon?


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That works – thanks!

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