Chrod Poly "uncertified" issues?

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Mac mini 2014

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Roon Ready Chord Mojo / Poly

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Hi guys,
I just bought myself a 1250€ Mojo/Poly combo in order to use it with Roon. I received it today.

But now I read on this forum that the Poly lost its Roon Ready certification?! I keep seeing the red “uncertified device” notification, preventing Roon from connecting to my Poly.

Did I miss anything or did I just buy a useless piece of equipment?
Thanks for your answer!

Hi Vincent,
Did you install the latest firmware and put the device into Roon mode? Works fine, playing France Musique, Shostakovich’s violin sonata now.

Thanks! I just realized I had to update the firmware… But i’s a nightmare! I spent the last 30 minutes trying to do so and it’s a constant failure : the app crashes as soon as I launch the update… Any solution?

You can connect from a Browser.

I’ve recently bought a Poly/Mojo combo, and it works fine in my system. Roon detects it without any problems.

Browser is only available in Hotspot mode, so you cannot use it for Upgrade.

I did it! I did it! :wink: I can’t explain how I manage to do so, but Roon is now fully functional!
I now just have to wait 8 long hours so my combo is fully charged… I hope at this point 1.8 will be live!
Best guys, and thanks for the help


It’s a great combo! Enjoy! :smiley:

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