Chrome cast as Roon End Point

They are upgrading my neighborhood infrastructure from copper to fiber. This has caused frequent Internet outages.Everytime, my other Roon endpoints appear as selection choices very quickly. The Chromecast puck is problematic, and doesn’t re-appear. Is Chromecast more impacted by network issues? I update every time a new Roon version is presented.

Hey @Bob_Nelson,

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your context and the issues you’ve ran into. Sorry about the trouble!

And, a sincere apology for the delay in getting back to you. I would had hoped it wouldn’t come to this :pleading_face:

Could you please tell us more about the behavior you’re experiencing with your Chromecast device(s)? Could you please include information about your setup and network as well?

Thanks in advance :pray:

The problem is still occurring I’m not sure what more I can tell you. I assume my Internet is dropping out. I’m listening no problem, then it stops. The “Select Audio Zone” window appears briefly, then everything is back to normal (I just hit play). Every once in a while, the problem seems more severe. The Chromecast endpoint isn’t on the list, while others are…

Hey @Bob_Nelson,

Thanks for keeping in touch. The behavior you’re running into, does seem to be related to network connection.

Has the neighborhood work on the Internet connection finalized? We’d love to know if it still happens after the Internet is more stable.

I think must be network related.
I have three Chromecast Audio pucks, one of them quite a distance from the router/ modem and never have experienced dropouts .

Have been extremely solid and reliable for myself.
Good luck!

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