Chrome freezes with roon remote

Hiya , over the last 3 weeks or so , just after a roon upgrade (the one before the latest one) I have been having an issue in that I cannot run roon remote and chrome on the same laptop
Core is on a dell precision running win7 , remote is on a lenovo thinkpad running windows 8 … output sent to a squeezebox touch
After a few seconds , chrome becomes unresponsive and wont even load up if closed , requires a restart
I have a workaround in that I VNC into the core machine…but its a pain
I have checked firewalls , virus , re downloaded chrome and remote , restarted everything etc etc…nothing helps
Maybe you have some suggestions …

Thanks for the feedback @Rodney_Gold!

Moving forward, to help in out understanding of this behavior you are reporting, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  • Based on your post It sounds like you have not always experienced this issue with Chrome, while using Roon. Besides the Roon updated have there been any other changes made to this device that you can think of.

  • In regard to the remote device, have you ever experienced this behavior with Chrome when using other application on the ThinkPad?

  • You mentioned that your work around is to VNC into the core machine. Can you provide some further insight into this action? I would assume that the remote device would just need a restart but it sounds like you are either rebooting the core machine and/or relaunching the application on the core machine. Please verify.