Chrome Nucleus availability

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I saw a picture from the Munich show of this chrome finished Nucleus.
Is this going to be available? If so can you tell us when, please?

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This was a one-off by our distributor in Germany, Audio Trade. it’s an interesting idea and we explored it in the past and found it cost prohibitive. We will look into it again but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Collector’s Edition!

That’s a shame. It would look nice against my Devialet amps.

Chrome plated case and fins, not an effective heat radiator

Talk about form over function.

Prize for the 1 millionth life time subscription :wink:

there is paint on those fins already :slight_smile:

anyway, we are looking into it, and would do ample heat testing if we were to move this into reality.

I’ve built enough motorcycles to know you don’t chrome anything you want to dissipate heat from, e.g. the engine’s ‘jugs’.

Paint is a different story, but your tests will show that.:sunglasses:

How about making one in a copper case? Would go nicely with my Original d’ Atelier.:kissing_heart: