Chromebook touchpad glitchy [Chromebooks not supported]

Roon Core Machine

NUC 8i5, 32g RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk. Starlink Satellite.

Connected Audio Devices

Allo DigiOne Signature driving Buchardt A500s (until they finally get Roon certified). LG V20 endpoints driving custom speaker units as portable ‘RoonBoxes’.

Library Size

Digital library: ~25k tracks

Description of Issue

I should note that this is not an isolated problem and appears to be specific to Roon software running on Chromebooks and using the touchpad. This would seem to be a sensitivity setting or timing or… Essentially, when scrolling with the touchscreen, if I stop scrolling a selection will often be made if I’m over something that can be selected. Also, if I stop scrolling and have not lifted, I must lift and start scrolling from elsewhere on the screen to start scrolling again. I have not experienced this with any other software and have never experienced this with Roon on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android.

I bet it’s an easy fix, but I also bet none of the engineers there give a damn about the poor, little Chromebooks. I also know you guys have a TON of other cats to herd.

Sure would be nice if this could get ironed out.

…and…censored. :slight_smile:

Hey @Jefferson, no need to create multiple threads on the same topic (hence the unlisting). Your question was asked and answered here:

Chromebooks are not supported, you can find a list of supported platforms below.

OK. cool. nice to have an official reason. It’s does seem odd that your software is the ONLY software I’ve tried on Chromebook that does this. Guess it’s just not as simple fine-tuning as I would have thought. Works flawlessly otherwise. I figure this minor flaw could be ironed out without officially “supporting” the platform.

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