Chromebooks with android app compatibility- but roon app not working

hi …I have an ASUS 302ca Chromebook that has android app functionality. I downloaded the Roon android app from the play store, but cannot get it to find my server. I have the roon server software installed on my musical paradise berry v2 music server.

The roon app works on my phone, but not on the chromebook. Any ideas as to why this may be the case? Is this just app incompatibility? Getting the roon app to work on my Chromebook would be ideal for me as I struggle a bit with the phone due to small screen size.


Not all Android apps will work on a Chromebook. At the moment, Roon has not been officially supported on the Chromebook platform, just basic Android, Kit Kat and higher.

That said, I am not understanding of the problem as you’ve described it. Do you mean to say that the app has loaded and everything is working except being able to connect to the RoonServer? In that case, you might look at your networking, verify that your Chromebook is on the same network segment as the Music Server, Verify that no firewalls are loaded.