Chromecast and 5.1 Audio from One 5.1 Channel HDMI?

I’m looking for a way to feed both a 5.1 signal from Roon and a Chromecast video signal (Roon Now Playing) over the same HDMI channel and cable. They are going into my MRX720 AVR which MRX doesn’t contemplate processing multiple HDMI signals simultaneously.

Any one test out these in-two-HDMI, out-one-HDMI converters?

I havent any knowledge of the HDMI converters you mention but could you do a similar thing by sending the Roon web display direct to your TV (using the Chromecast or built-in browser etc) and the 5.1 audio to your AVR via separate HDMI? Not sure how practical or possible it is in your setup obviously.

Thanks for that. Come to think of it, with Harmony remote it would be easy to shift TV inputs whenever music was on. Good thought.