Chromecast and privacy

With the addition of Chromecast audio as a player, the first question I have is “what does playing to a Google device using Roon share with Google?” For better or worse, I try and share as little of the data of my life with Google because, frankly, I do not trust them. Not even a little. So when I play to a Chromecast node, what does Google get to see?



I’m not seeing anything in my Google activity logs about my use of Roon on Google Home speakers.

They know you did something with Roon. Nothing else.

Sweet. Thank you, Danny. I’m proud for them to know I use Roon. I just don’t want them to know that I listen Olivia Newton-John and use that to target ads for “Grease Live” to me.


Great work btw. The full up Chromecast playing through the TV is fantastic. Perfect for parties and such.

That’s cold, man. That’s cold.

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