Chromecast audio and Android remotes no longer visible to Roon

My JBL Link 300 and JBL Link 10 Chromecast speakers recently disappeared from Roon Settings Audio. They still appear in Google Home and will happily play from YouTube music when requested with a “OK Google play…”

I tried adding a second JBL Link 300 to my Google Home and it added fine, but Roon does not see it.

My Sonos One is on the same wifi network and still appears listed in Roon Settings Audio, which leads me to believe the problem is not with my network but a Roon Chromecast problem.

Hi @Bandersnatch,
usually that’s a security/firewall settings issue, you may read:

Thanks Axel - will check the links out them. I did switch all my firewalls off and no joy.

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