Chromecast Audio and MQA DAC

If I stream MQA tracks from Roon to a Chromecast audio that is hooked up to a MQA DAC (Mytek Brookyln) will I get the full MQA unfold?

If I can, why would anyone not do this?

Hello @jimmy_stabler,

Since the Chromecast audio has no native MQA unfolding, you would need to configure it to send the MQA content via Optical to the Brooklyn DAC and that should work. I noticed that you have received the same reply in another thread (Chromecast MQA?) but do let me know if you have any other questions/difficulties getting this setup up and running.


So you can stream MQA via chromecast to a MQA enabled DAC?? That’s a game changer if so.

what is the mqa limit when transfered via optical over chromecast audio? is it only 96khz?

Hello @jimmy_stabler,

Yes, you can stream MQA content via a Chromecast Audio but the DAC has to support MQA content on the optical port. There is no MQA sample rate limit when transferring via optical, it will render the original sample rate that the DAC supports.


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I’m aware as I I’m talking about the Brooklyn Dac specifically. I’m trying to determine what the downside of using chromecast audio would be? So far, I haven’t heard of one yet, especially considering the price.

Can you think of any limitations if I already have a MQA DAC?

Downside is the limit to 24/96 or MQA.
That won’t be a problem for most, but some people don’t like MQA and prefer original Hi-Def music files or upscaling to DSD in Roon (or HQPlayer).
If your DAC does upscaling then I guess the only downside is the limit of the CCA on original source content that is greater that 24/96.

Yup. I follow that. someone said they had a CCA hooked up to their Mytek and I thought the idea was absurd, but now I’m not so sure.

Darko.Audio did a review of the CCA hooked up to the Mytek Brooklyn and getting the ‘blue light’ confirmation of MQA.

yes, read that…Roon just confirmed in this thread that CCA will indeed pass the MQA file to the DAC