Chromecast Audio as endpoint? [Delivered; B333]

@brian , any chance we could install the RoonBridge bits on the Chromecast Audio? Guessing that’s a pipe dream, but I’d be curious to know what turnkey-ish devices you’re aware of in the marketplace that where the bits could easily be installed and hooked into an existing receiver or pre/pro.

Hi Keith,

As set out above, Chromecast support is on the roadmap and is coming. It’s not yet clear whether a Chromecast zone will be able to be grouped with RAAT zones. There are interesting similarities in the way RAAT and Google’s Cast protocol use run time scripting.

Unfortunately, we can’t simply install RoonBridge on a Chromecast Audio for a number of reasons, but Chromecast support is coming.

Thanks Andy, I figured as much but had to ask. I was asking about Chromecast Audio because I’m looking for a device that I can put the bridge software on so I can remove an AirPlay and have everything RAAT-based. What on-the-cheap options can you think of aside from Raspberry Pi?


Just made an identical request in another thread. Very interested in what options there might be.

Anything that can run Linux really. Cubox-i is a good choice. BeagleBone Black and WandBoard are others.

I think an image for the Pi and Cubox-i are planned but for the moment you have to install onto Linux. Brian referred to the “easy installer” script for Raspbian Jessie Lite here and the KB page is here.

Now the dust is settling a little on 1.2 (gross oversimplification, sorry) has there been any roadmap progress on Chromecast Audio as a roonbridge endpoint ? This would be a game changer, so I am interested in what progress if any ?

Was there ever any stated intent?

Oh yes…

I’ve merged the posts to keep the history together.

Any update on chromecast support?

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+1 +1 This would be most excellent. I find my Chromecast Audio to be pretty good, Roon Readiness would make it superb! Would be cool if you could give a progress update…

You should try these, work great and meet your $35 price point What's the difference? RAAT vs AirPlay

I Chromecast Roon from my Android Phone using the Cast Screen/audio function from the Chromecast Android App. This function casts all audio from my phone. I just then play my music from Roon (on PC or phone) using my phone as a networked endpoint.

It works very well.

Excellent Information Vorno! I use my spare Andoird phones as endpoints to setup a quick mobile music. Phone wired or bluetoothed to a good speaker and done.

This also works if you have a Samsung TV and a Samsung Android Phone. They have a built in cast between devices.

A trial Roon User for about three days, myself, but quite keen on better using Chromecast audio.

My initial experiments using Chromecast Audio as an endpoint on a RoonServer running on Windows 10 i7 PC:

  1. Have installed VBCable base on Server and Audio-cast. Output from Chromecast Audio via Toslink is input to a “legacy” Young Dac optical input ==>> Preamp, etc.
    The Device is VB-Audio Virtual Cable (WASAPI) .

I have been using this set-up all day yesterday and today, casting from an Apple Ipad and from two legacy android Tablets.

I have found the set-up quite stable and the results are quite bewildering given the low price of Chromecast audio. I have played 96K and 192K. It will be nice when we will be able to use Chromecast audio without installing additional drivers or programs like the two above mentioned.

Pls. note that PC Server is connnected to Ethernet and Chromecast Audio is connected to USB 4ports (Sitecom) Hub from which it draws its power. A Sitecom Ethernet to USB dongle is also connected to the USB Hub. The Ehernet network connection is quite stable. I had been trying to use Chromecasts without WIFI (!). The experimentation has been worthwhile.

Using Chromecast Audio on the Macs, outside of Google products, has been a bit frustrating.

I really want CCA to be usable with ROON. I just bought a peachtree Deepblue2 for the patio, and the CCA would be perfect for it.

@Brian, @Mike,
Tidal have added Chromecast to their service. Can this now be incorporated as an endpoint?

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I sure hope so!

@Brian, @Mike,
I’m currently playing from my Tidal app to the Chromecast. Quite impressive really. Must be imminent as it was on the roadmap! (hint, hint)

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+1 as a request to Roon to enable Chromecast Audio devices as Roon end points. Sync is not important (to me), but would love to be able to use Roon for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom setups.

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