Chromecast audio device disappears

Core Machine

Windows 10 (Updated) / Roon Core running on small mobile PC (Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor), music stored on Micro SDXC / 1.8 (latest)

Network Details

WiFi over Netgear R7000 + wired Netgear Wac510 AP. Chromecast is located in the same room as the Access Point

Audio Devices

Chromecast audio, see details below:
Firmware: 1.42.172094
Country code: NL

other devices as well but those are working fine.

Library Size

7,5k tracks

Description of Issue

Apologies upfront as my description will be a bit vague. The problem is that I cannot find a pattern to the behavior. My issue is that the Chromecast audio end point is not available more often than available. Often when I resume my pc running core from sleep, all endpoints quickly reappear, except the chromecast. After a long while, it might become available. It’s available in my Google home app all the time however, responds and is very close to the Access Point so wifi signal strength / quality is not a problem (I’ve measured this).

Please let me know if you need more information.

Does your ChromeCast device get a fixed address or does it change its address regularly when the DHCP lease runs out?

Hi @BlackJack,
I’m not sure, but I think all my devices have a dynamic IP address, I haven’t changed any settings. If it helps I don’t mind giving the CC a fixed address, is this a setting in the Google home app?

It is a setting in your router, but no need to change anything if it’s not the cause of your problem. You should monitor the situation.

This is starting to feel similar to raising a ticket with IT at work :wink:.
I did find that I need to restart the pc. Then Roon finds the Chromecast device without trouble. However, after resuming from sleep the device is gone. Hope anyone can help!
Edit: to be clear, just restarting the Roon software does not resolve the issue

@support, please can you let me know if there’s anything I can do about this issue?
As a note, last time i wanted to play music in the Chromecast zone, I reset (turned off and on) the Netgeat Nighthawk wifi router, that also seemed to resolve the issue.

Hey @dailymango,

I’m so sorry it took us this long to get to your thread… :pleading_face:

While I wish I had a response right now with actionable steps, I would rather leave you in our technical team’s capable hands. Your thread is now with them.

Please, bear with us just a little bit longer :pray:

Hi @dailymango

That’s definitely interesting — Seems to point to something happening with the network that is triggering this.

Do you have any other network-connected endpoints or is this the only one?

Is your Core connected via Ethernet or Wifi? Are you able to connect it via Ethernet if it’s not currently, even as a test?


We tend to see success pretty often with mesh access points (I use some on my network and they work pretty great), but these kinds of APs can be a bit spotty. Hard to say if that’s the case here, but is it possible to take this out of the picture as a test and just have everything connected to the primary router? Any change?

I have found that rebooting Chromecasts via the Google Home phone app brings the device back. I think they go into “Ambient” mode and get stuck. Not something you can turn off, unfortunately.

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I’m having a similar problem with my PRIMARE NP5. That’s also a Chromecast device. It disappears off the network periodically.

I have to reboot it via the Google Home app, and it then reappears in Roon.

NOT Ideal… :frowning:

Hey @dylan ,

thanks a lot for coming back to me, I’m glad you find my issue interesting :slight_smile: . Although all the tests you propose make sense, I’m more triggered by the fact that the Google Home app can see the Chrome Cast device, Apps can connect to it (e.g. Spotify), but Roon cannot. This makes me think it’s not necessarily my network at fault but some limitation in Roon.

All my endpoints and Core are connected over Wifi.

Please note that I have other devices who do not have this problem, but these are either Airplay or the Roon tested connection to the Kef LSX. Another point worth mentioning is that I have a B&O Beoplay M3 that supports both Airplay and CC. The Airplay network device always shows up, the CC is not enabled (in Roon), but disappears as well. Aain, the Google Home app and Spotify app have no issue connecting to the Beoplay M3 over Chrome (I’m playing music right now to test this).

I’m afraid the AP was setup partly to get better coverage for the CC :frowning: so testing on the main router only would mean moving around lots of stuff.
But I have excellent wifi connections in this area now, I don’t understand how phones and computers would work fine, and a CC would not work in Roon. For example, I’m using a PC here to control and play music in Roon in this room as well, without any issues.

What happens to CC devices in your test systems when you resume the PC running Core from sleep?