Chromecast Audio Device

I am trialling Roon which is installed on Win10 PC.

I am wanting to Chromecast to an Onkyo network receiver. Initially in the setup, the Onkyo device was shown as a Networked Audio device, however this is no longer showing up as a device under the Network section of the Audio devices setup screen (I managed to play 1 track via chromecast - since then have been limited to wired connection via Laptop soundcard 44.1/16bit)

I am still able to chromecast from my android phone to Onkyo using Deezer application for example.

The trial has been extended by 30 days to see if you can assist with this. I’d be grateful if you can help.

Hey @Andrew_Jones — Apologies for the difficulties here!

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Do you have any antivirus or firewall on the Core machine? If you disable them temporarily are you able to see the networked audio device?

Since experiencing this behavior have you tried rebooting your Core machine and the Onkyo?


Hi Dylan,

The core machine (Windows10 Laptop) has been tested wired and wifi to the networks router.

The Onkyo Network Receiver is connected to same network via Ethernet.

In order to get Roon to see the Onkyo device, I have found it necessary
to switch off the onkyo and then remove the power plug from it for a few =
minutes. After powering back up Onkyo shows up in Roon (Chromecast and
Airplay are now options under the Networked Devices for Audio.

After powering down the core laptop, and then powering back up, the
Onkyo device is no longer visible. This is happening with or without the
firewall on.

I am not sure what blocks the device being seen in the Windows 10
Laptop (core). An Android device can still see the Onkyo receiver as being a valid Chromecast audio device in other apps such as deezer without needing to reset the Onkyo box



Hey @Andrew_Jones,

I appreciate the additional information here. What kind of router is in use, and are there any additional pieces of networking hardware in use (switches, powerline adapters, etc.).

Are you able to cast from the Windows machine outside of Roon to this device? Or is the Windows machine not able to see the Onkyo at all when it’s in this state?


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I am using a BT Hub3 router. There are no switches between the Onkyo receiver and router (ethernet), nor for Laptop and router (wifi). Some other devices are going through a switch. On the same network and no powerlines .

If I go into Windows Explorer to a music file, I can right click --> Cast to Device --> Click on Onkyo to play music, but this connects with Onkyo as Music Server and not Chromecast.

If I use Chrome, it is not seeing Onkyo as a chromecast device - same as Roon.

The above conditions were checked with Firewall off.

I appreciate that this seems to be Roon non-specific. I appreciate you may not be able to help with this one. It hasn’t appared as an issue previously as all Chromecast and Airplay music streams have been sent through android and ios devices


Hey @Andrew_Jones — I appreciate you reaching out again!

Thanks for the information here. It definitely sounds like this may be an issue with the Core machine seeing the Onkyo as a Chromecast device rather than a Roon specific issue. This article from Google includes some specific settings that need to be active for a Windows 10 device to connect to a Chromecast device. Can you take a look at those settings listed and make sure that they’re set on your device?

Can you also confirm if you have any antivirus software active on your Core machine?