Chromecast Audio Devices Disappear Regularly - Again

Core Machine

Windows 10 64-bit, Intel i3-1005G1, 4GB RAM, SSD, Roon version 1.8 (build 790)

Network Details

Google WiFi, core connected via WiFi. Music on Synology NAS and streamed via Tidal.

Audio Devices

Chromecast (all versions), Chromecast Audio, Pro-ject S2 DACs on USB connected to core (and others).

Description of Issue

I first reported this issue here: Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Disappear Every Day

The problem seemed to be fixed, but now it has returned in a different form. Each day, my Chromecast Audio devices disappear out of Roon across all remotes, yet they are available to Google Home and other devices that can cast such as my phone and Chromebook. The other Roon end points all remain, and music can be accessed from my NAS and Tidal via Roon. Google Home devices are also available should I choose to enable them.

The problem is fixed by rebooting the PC on which the Roon core is running, then all the CCA devices immediately reappear. But the next day… same thing all over again. It’s a real pain.

Also as mentioned in the original post, I’ve disabled the Windows Firewall completely, and then Kaspersky completely, and looked for any scripts - this is a clean Windows machine with nothing additional installed other than Roon - added firewall rules (even though it’s off) and checked everything I can think of. There are no sleep settings enabled, so any suggestions would be really welcome.

Running a core over wifi is NOT recommended

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I’ve had this happen recently too, but my core and 7/8 of my CCA endpoints are hardwired now (made for a remarkable stability improvement btw, tho nothing to do with OP’s specific issue). Hadn’t happened for a long while, but then out of the blue on Sunday they disappeared, when they were available in Google Home and also on Tidal and VRadio Android apps. So I think there is something to the OP’s issue other than merely WiFi. Rebooting everything did fix the issue for me as well.

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I do not believe it is anything inherent in CCA and Roon interaction as I run 3 CCA pucks(all on wifi) and not one of them has disappeared or been affected lately ( or ever tbh).
It has to be some peculiar local interaction not any basic bug/fault.

Mine go missing after Roon updates sometimes. Have to reboot the entire network for them to come back. I do think there are issues with how Roon deals with discovery and not the network if all other devices and apps can easily see them why doesn’t Roon? It’s the only application I ever have to do this and never have issues with other endpoints.

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Hi @Stuart-R

As mentioned above, we definitely recommend connecting via Ethernet if at all possible. If it’s possible to connect to Ethernet for a bit, even if just as a test, do you see this issue return?

If so, can you make a note of when you see the Chromecast devices missing and we’ll enable diagnostics so we can take a look? Thanks!

Thank you to @Dylan and everyone who replied. I have been running the core connected to ethernet and my switch via an Anker adapter (the core machine does not have an ethernet port) and so far, the issue seems to be resolved and at no point since have the CCAs been lost.

I thought the issue was fixed before, but hopefully this is the cure.

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