Chromecast Audio dropouts

(Robert Kosara) #82

I wish I had found this thread before sinking $30 into a couple of CCAs :wink: I, too, have very short dropouts with 96/24 content every few minutes. So far they’ve been about 4-5mins apart and they’re individual and short.

What’s interesting to me is that this only happens at 96kHz, not at 88.2. Since the dropouts are fairly far apart, they’re annoying me a lot less than I would have expected. I still hope this gets fixed, but it’s not a huge deal for me (I also don’t have that much high-res content).

(Derek Wyman) #83

As a workaround I just downsample 192 and 96>48 when I am using the CCAs. Not ideal but…starting to lose hope for an update.

(Robert Kosara) #84

Okay, never mind about 88.2: I’ve now had dropouts there too, though they seem to be less frequent.

Downsampling isn’t unreasonable as a stopgap, but I do hope this will still get fixed. Sure makes these devices a lot less awesome than I had thought they were…

(Pedro Sousa) #85

The problem was not there until a CCA update before summer, if I remember well. I think Google does not care much about it. But they should as there is quite a few people complaining about it in their forum.

(Robert Kosara) #86

Well, I guess this answers the question of if they’ll ever fix these issues:


(Derek Wyman) #87

They do say they’ll continue to support it and with tidal/qobuz opening up thier services to mobile the threads in the support forums are hot …so fingers crossed.

(Robert Kosara) #88

I hope you’re right!

(Robert Kosara) #89

Actually, it would be quite surprising if they did that. Why do the work on a discontinued product? It works for the things the vast majority of their customers care about. “Support” will probably mean “continues to work with Google Home,” not “fix things we broke a long time ago and could have fixed if we cared.”

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(Brian) #90

Same issue. Chromecast with frequent cut outs and back in for a couple of seconds, several times per song, on 96hz and above content. There were some folks that claimed that the UGREEN ethernet adapter UGREEN Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast (available on Amazon) solved the problem. Is this still the case?

I understand that this appears to be a firmware issue, but some folks claimed that the adapter solved the problem. Would be great to see if there is confirmation of this. Would totally buy the ethernet adapter.

(Derek Wyman) #91

I run it on an Ethernet adaptor and there is no difference.

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(Mike) #92

It‘s a pity, and it will probably never be fixed (by Google). Do yourself a favor, throw it away to spare yourself the frustration, and get a Raspberry Pi with DietPi or RoPieee! I also purchased a CCA not long ago.

(Brian) #93

Thanks Derek, and by “no difference” I assume you mean that it still cuts out periodically within a song on 96hz content and above? Thanks in advance.

(Derek Wyman) #94

Yes. Still have dropouts @88 or 96 on Ethernet. Also the dropouts are only on the digital out. Analog out plays fine. The one i use as a transport i downsample to 44/48. The ones i use the analog outs with it’s not necessary.

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(Brian) #95

Thanks much! That’s very helpful. With using the Analog outs, that would be using the Chromecast DAC, which I’m assuming isn’t great. I will try downsampling when plugged into toslink to 48. Any comment on the sound of the DAC when using analog out? Does it sound good? Thanks again.

(Derek Wyman) #96

Its not $10000-speakers-good lol but the analog outs are fine for plenty of applications (I use a couple with powered speakers in my workout room and garage.)

I also use the analogs fed to my Magni/Senn 6xx combo and it sounds very good. I use the digital out downsampled to 48/44 to feed my main system when I want to use grouped speakers

Until the 88/96 issue is fixed, I wouldn’t use it for my “serious” listening, but for everything else the workarounds aren’t dire, just annoying.

(Derek Wyman) #97

CCA update from google

Hi everybody,

I’m sorry for the delayed updated regarding this issue. The Chromecast team is still looking into a long term solution, but things are taking longer than expected. A way that you can greatly help our team is to reproduce the issue and file a feedback report using the Google Home app. In the description section, please include the unique ID “CCT3 - CCA Dropout” along with a list of apps you’re attempting to cast.

Thanks in advance for all your patience.

Drops outs to Chord Poly
(Bondibro) #98

Hi there,

Has there been any update from the chromecast team? I recently subscribed to a yearly member to check out Roon and I am experiencing the same issues on my CCA.

(Derek Wyman) #99

Only updates are on that same thread. They did release anew firmware but it did not seem to resolve the issue.

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(Jean-Christophe Amé) #101

Hi there,
I am new to Roon since February and I really enjoy using Roon : it’s a nice software and excellent philosophy for listening to music.

I got a Google Chromecast Audio recently and I am experiencing dropouts using the optical output above 48khz (that means 88Khz and above). Since yesterday the firmware has change to a preview program version 1.39151425​ which does not change anything. Dropouts appear as frequent as before.

I am running Roon server 1.6 on a Synology DS918 with 16TB and a 1 TB SSD for the Roon Database (>1000 albums with > 16000 tracks). Everything works very well on my main system (Bluesound node2i and Heed Abacus DAC). Also I have a subscription to Qobuz Sublime+ with no issues.

Also I am able to use Roon away as I set-up a VPN server on the synology DS918. Works perfectly on MacOS and on iPhone 5S on wifi or 4G connexions. (I have 1GB (800MB/200MB) optical fibre connection at home).

Hope this will help.
Jean-Christophe (based in Alsace, France)