Chromecast Audio having dropouts with 44.1 flac files analog out

Hi - sorry if I couldn’t find it, but is there another thread for CCA hiccups when using analog connection and playing 44.1 FLAC files? I’m on the Roon trial and keep getting sound hiccups when listening thru CCA (I don’t get hiccups when using Airplay or Sonos as destinations). I am using wi-fi and I have a strong wifi mesh network (I do not have the mentioned ethernet adapter for CCA if that might make a difference). Are there any CCA settings I should perhaps set in the Roon software to maybe avoid these hiccups? I am using the default settings (and I admittedly don’t really understand the different setting options). I appreciate any help and sorry if I’m hijacking here.

HI Tim, the dropouts of the other thread are for the bug in the optical out implementation for specific and higher than 16/44.1 source files.

It sounds like you are having network related drop outs. I am using the default settings, not a mesh network and have had rock solid CCA connections.

I am moving your issue to your own support thread so support will notice the issue.

Thanks Rugby - sounds good. I’m contemplating 2 options: 1) buying the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter to see if that addresses the dropouts, or 2) hooking up my old Airport Express in place of CCA.

Hi @timmo,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. I’d definitely give the Ethernet Adapter a try, I’ve seen that help before. What is your network setup like, can you list the model/manufacturer for your router and any switches you may have? Sometimes these need specific settings applied for Roon to work properly, it’s worth a check to see if your gear falls in this list. I would also check that the CCA is up to date on firmware.


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