Chromecast audio not detected on iMac or iPad

I’m running Roon on an iMac and controlling it from an iPad.
I have a Chromecast Audio plugged into powered Bose speakers.
My WiFi router is from Spectrum/Charter communications and is one of these (I don’t know one from the other): Cisco DPC3008 or Sagemcom Fast 5260.

Roon isn’t seeing the Chromecast in either my iMac or my iPad.

Advice? If I can’t make this work, I’ll have to cancel out of Roon.

Have you added it as an endpoint in the settings - audio setup?

No - I’m not even sure what you mean.

Have you looked for it in the audio settings part of Roon? Endoints have to be added in this section before they can be used. If not then there is likely a network related issue stopping the Chromecast from being seen. Check the Mac’s IP address is in the same range ip as the Chromecast. E.g. that .1 is the thing to look for if this number is different on both devices then essentially they are on different network to each other so wont work. You would need to ensure that they are all on the same network. If this is in place and still can’t see it some setting on the router might be blocking the communication. Look for setting related to IGMP and try disabling or enabling it.

@Randy_Bradbury on the main Roon screen top left you will see three lines click on these and you will see a list of options one of which will be audio, if you don’t see it you may have to scroll down, select Audio and you should see your Chromecast listed, check if it is enabled if it isn’t enable it.
Now go back to the main screen and see if Chromecast is available as a zone.

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I’ve looked in the audio settings, and the Chromecast does not appear there. I see that my Mac IP has a “0”, but I don’t know how to check that on Chromecast. My iMac is seeing the Chromecast - it shows up in the list of WiFi connections. It’s just not showing up in Roon.

And, per another related thread, I have rebooted my iMac, iPad, Chromecast and both WiFi components.

Do you have the Google Home app on your iPad?? You need the Google Home app to configure the Chromecast…

Yay. That did it. Working like a charm now. I must have missed it, but I didn’t see anything in the Google setup instructions that said I had to download and go through Home. Thanks much to all of you for your help.

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