Chromecast Audio not found - new Nest Wifi Network

James I also tend to agree with @Rugby on this. I have had great success with my original Orbi setup as have a lot of users on these forums.

Just get one of the tri channel version and not the dual channel models if you do.

You should be able to get the Google WiFi working, though it is always limited to dual channel

I’ll give that a shot. I appreciate the help here!

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I use devolo magic 2s that have worked perfectly with Ethernet and Wi-fi. I haven’t noticed any sound degradation due to power lines.

Hey @jamesd,

Thanks for reaching out on community to find a solution to the problem you’ve ran into. I’m sorry it took us this long to get back to you :pensive:

In the meantime, I’m really glad to see how many of our community members have chimed in to help. Thanks everyone :pray:

I was wondering if you have any updates to share. We’d love to help if there’s anything left :nerd_face:

Hey Rebeka, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck using the Nest WiFi. No devices show up at all. When I replace the Nest system with the default Fios router everything works. I’d love to figure it out. If there’s anything I could try that would be great. Thanks

Hi @jamesd ,

Do you by any chance have these two access points configued both in router mode, as in they create their own subnet?

Not seeing any audio devices at all is very strange, was this behavior only on the Mac remote or did you notice it on other Roon remotes as well?

hey @noris, I have a new Fios router that gets a Cat 5 cable straight out of the wall. I pulled that out of the mix and set the Nest Wifi up as a router. I’ve tried removing the second mesh unit from the equation and still get the same result. Looking at my network it appeared everything was on the same subnet.

I wasn’t getting any results on any remotes. Usually on an iPhone or iPad i could add that as a device, but they weren’t showing up either.

Again when I put the Fios router back in the mix, everything works normally.

Hi @jamesd ,

Thanks for the additional information and for confirming the single router aspect. Can you please try to Nest Wifi router again and then use these instructions to send us a set of your ROCK and Mac logs for review when you are in this state? It would be interesting to see if logs contain any specific errors, thanks!