Chromecast Audio & Roon Drop-out Problems

Core Machine (Windows 10/64 Bit/ Roon Version 1.7)
Chromecast Audio connected to Wifi is used for streaming

Hi All,

I have recently joined to Roon community. I have a Chromecast Audio connected to my amp with a toslink cable directly. I am streaming Tidal on Roon to Chromecast audio. I am really impressed the SQ improvement compared to Tidal app streaming.

I have a issue that my chromecast audio keeps disconnecting and coming back too frequently. However, i do not see this problem when i use Tidal app to stream my CCA. This makes me think that this issue related to Roon software. What should i do to solve this problem?

Thank you,

Is there any possible solution?

When it drops out is it playing hires content or cd Res content. The CCA has been known to give issues over optical at higher than 44.1 You would not get that via Tidal app as it doesn’t allow MQA over Chromecast so you get 44.1 max where Roon you will get the first unfold to 88.2 or 96.

Hello @Kivanc_Sag, do you still see this behavior if you lower to CD quality under settings>services>Tidal? Also, are you experiencing this issue on other endpoints?

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