Chromecast Audio won’t connect after update

Hi, I can no longer see my CCA in Roon after today’s update.

I’ve rebooted my core, router, CCA, and remote iPad. The CCA test sounds play fine during the CCA reboot process. I’ve done a factory reset on the CCA.

Any suggestions?

Hey @Bill_Snell — Thanks for reaching out!

Can you give me a little information about your setup? What kind of Core are you using, and how is it connected to the network (please include networking hardware).

Is there any active firewall on the Core machine? If so, try disabling the firewall and let me know if you’re able to see the CCA after.


Dylan, I’m using a Windows 10 PC as my core with a Netgear router. The core is connected to the router via Ethernet cable. Firewalls are off.

I was listening to Roon via CCA just prior to the update.

Thanks, @Bill_Snell!

Are you able to play to the CCA outside of Roon?

Do you have any other networked endpoints? Are those connected okay?

Do you see the CCA in Settings > Audio?


After thinking about your firewall suggestion, I dug deeper into Windows’ settings and found where an automatic update that occurred when rebooting the core, after updating Roon earlier today, had turned a security setting back on. I reset it to off and all is well.

Thank you for your suggestion - a lesson to not take he simple stuff for granted.

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Glad to hear you’re back up and running, @Bill_Snell.

Happy listening!


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