Chromecast/Audio working beautifully

Just a heads up to make sure everyone is aware of a relatively new piece of code on GitHub called AirConnect ( This isn’t the first attempt at hacking a Chromecast to become a Roon endpoint, but I am quite sure it is the best. What this does is essentially turns your chromcast (audio or video, or even google homes/groups) into endpoints that appears as airplay receivers which of course Roon can stream to.

What makes AirConnect better:

  1. It supports multiple devices, so all of your google homes/chormecasts are available to stream to via roon and are configured as if they were Airplay receviers.
  2. It runs lightweight- it does not tax resources like some of the solutions that grab system audio and cast it.
  3. It is very stable
  4. It can run anywhere on the network, you could dedicate a rasperberry pi, run on windows, mac, etc. Even SPARC and ARM devices/NAS. I have it auto execute on startup on my win10 machine which is dedicated to my Core.