Chromecast Display Function Stops

Hello, I’m delighted with Roon!
I use a 2020 Apple Mini i5 3.0Ghz as core which is hardwired w/ethernet cable cat7 to the router. As source I have a Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) also hardwired with ethernet cable cat7 and a Cambridge CXA80 amplifier. I use an iPad pro as remote and a Sony TV XBR-65X950G as a Chromecast display, which is also hardwired with ethernet cable.
I have the display setup as display on the Roon software, and to “start on playback”. I like displaying the information on the screen and the lyrics. It has been working perfectly fine until the last 2 days. Now the dispays shows the info for a few minutes and then it stops. I restarted everything and cleared the cache, but the problem still persists. Any idea that can help me? Thanks

Hi @Andres_Garcia,

Does this happen for other Displays? Can you try using a Web Display and let us know if you see the same thing?


Hello dylan, thanks for your prompt reply. It does work on a web display.
So what I did is, uninstall the chromecast latest update from the Sony TV and that seems to solve the problem. Is currently running with chromecast version 1.50.228700
Thanks again

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