Chromecast Display in Main Zone is activated by other Zones

My main Zone (System Output) is set to Display via built in Chromecast, to my Sony XBR-85X850D. Another Zone is an Apple TV which displays on a Bedroom TV with the limited native Apple TV display. Whenever, I start music on the Apple TV Zone, the Chromecast display in the Main Zone, overrides the TV program and displays Roon. I tried setting it to not Start on Playback, but it still happens. The only way to stop it is to disable the Chromecast display in settings and then re-Enable it when I want to use the Main Zone. Please advise.

Hi @Terry_Deeb,

Can you share a screenshot of the Displays selector when the Apple TV Zone is in use (see example below)?


Hi Dylan,
To prepare for the screen shot, I started the music in the Apple TV Zone and it displayed on Chromecast in the Main Zone. I took the screen shot and noticed that it had reset itself to START ON PLAYBACK. I changed it back to DON’T START ON PLAYBACK and continued to play music and it is now not displaying in the Main Zone. I will keep testing this for a few days to see if the DON’T START setting will hold now. Thank you.

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