Chromecast display no longer works

This morning my Chromecast (used for display only on TV) no longer works. An empty rectangle with a missing graphic bug in the upper left corner is displayed for a few seconds, then the Chromecast reverts to the screensaver. This has been operating properly for several months and there have been no network or configuration changes.

I have restarted Roon, the Chromecast, the Win 10 1903 PC running Roon and the problem persists. The Chromecast is connected via 5 Ghz Wi-Fi and the laptop via 1 Gb/s Ethernet. All devices are on the same subnet. Factory resetting and re- adding the Chromecast didn’t help. The Chromecast firmware is version 1.42.172094.

Any insights much appreciated!

There’s a longer thread about this on “Roon Software”. Something happened last night, I guess.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

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