Chromecast Display Templates by Genre?

It is obvious (to me) that there is not one display template appropriate for all music.

So I’m thinking what would be an efficient way to change templates with the music type? Genres came to mind.

Create 3-5 templates for chromecast/webcast and let the user assign them to different major genre types. One template could be clean and spare, another dense with information, and other variants. Or, the user might set the display to a random template selection for variety.

Just spitballin’.

Don’t understand your thinking, would you expand on the not one display bit.

Classical display demands more text to identify the piece: composer, work, part.

Pop display benefits from clean aesthetics and other stuff.

How to accommodate both sets of users and their music? My idea: display templates linked to genres.

I didn’t read the title properly ! Chromecast display. I was thinking of the normal display on a control device.

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