Chromecast Display via ARC

I feel like I am missing something pretty basic, and I realize this question may end with a forehead slap on my part. My apologies in advance.

I have a MacBook Pro M1 Chromecasting to my Integra DRX 5.4 Receiver (which has Chromecast built-in). An old Insignia TV is connected to the Integra via the ARC HDMI port. The receiver gets the audio from Roon via chromecast just fine, and the TV displays a “mini player” with very basic song info from Roon.

What I don’t understand is why that same TV that is connected via ARC cannot be set up as a display in Roon? All I really want to do is have album art on the TV while Roon is playing, not the mini player that is currently showing.

What am I missing?

ARC is for sending audio that originates from a TV (i.e. apps installed on the TV) to an attached AVR. Not sure what Chromecast has to do with ARC in your post or what you are trying to do exactly but I have a Chromecast (not the one with Google TV) plugged into a small 7" or 8" LCD and I use that as my Roon display in one of my zones. If your TV has Chromecast built-in you may be able to use that instead. Same goes for the Chromecast built-in to your AVR unless they have it limited to audio only.

Thank you, that is helpful and gave me a new way to approach it. I moved the Firestick to a different port on the TV (instead of being plugged into the receiver) and set up a web browser window as a display in Roon. That accomplished what I was looking to do. Thanks again.

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