Chromecast Features Request

This is my compilation of request bumps from earlier times (not all mine). Please:

  • Add the composer to the screen; at least his/her last name; at least for classical genre. Without it, identification is not possible. I would argue for something like “Mozart: Piano Concerto in C…” format.
  • Create enough space for the WORK and PART to be completely displayed. There are several tactics one could use: multiple lines (my favorite); scrolling text (also my favorite); scaled font sizes for longer titles; wider margins; move the dynamics bar, etc. Maybe even a “second page” with more detail displayed occasionally.
  • Use WORK and PART wherever populated, use TITLE secondarily.
  • Display track artist/s info where available
  • Reveal art and text for next track all at once. Presently, art and text are out of sync for a brief while. (Nit, but unpolished look)
  • Put artist names’ in a corner (lower right?) for all displays. It’s not uncommon to wonder who is being displayed.
  • Fix the “lopped head” problem here too. Very occasional…now.

I appreciate any consideration.