Chromecast Glitch

I just cranked up Roon, having been left on and idle overnight. Turned on TV, which is correctly set to the Chromecast input. So system-wise this should work and did work yesterday.

Now, no Roon Chromecast, just the Chromecast screensaver. Disable/reenabled, no joy. Haven’t gone further, but that’s beside the point.

Thought Roon would want to know.

I have exactly the same problem. I can setup Chromecast at the very beginning. But it disappeared from Roon the next day.

Has anyone got a CCU successfully working hooked up to an A/V receiver? Is that a supported hookup (by Roon and/or Chromecast)?

If hooked up to the TV, there is a need to manually shift TV inputs. If hooked up to receiver, I can switch via remote.

Just imagine having to switch manually EVERY TIME! Well I never… :slight_smile: