Chromecast Grouped Speakers Not Appearing as Audio Device in Roon


I have been streaming Roon to a pair of speakers in my Den via a Chromecast Audio since the capabilities were available. I decided I wanted to be able to group two sets of speakers in different rooms, so yesterday I purchased another Chromecast Audio. This new Chromecast Audio appeared in my list of Audio Devices. In the Home app I created a grouped zone of the two Chromecast Audio devices, and while it shows up in the app and works fine with Spotify, the grouped zone does not appear as a Audio Device option within Roon. I’ve tried rebooting everything in the chain, but have had no luck getting the grouped zone to appear (and again, it appears in the app and I can stream to the zone without issue using Spotify).

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.


If I am reading this right you grouped the chromcasts out side of ROON using the google home app. If that is what you did try ungrouping them in home app and group them in ROON zones.

They can’t be grouped within Roon (i.e. it is not an option provided within Roon). They have to be grouped using Google’s Home app.

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Lets add @support so they can look into this.

Hi @Chris_Ferneyhough — Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us. Very appreciated!

Based on your post it sounds like you are doing everything correctly based on the instructions found in knowledge base :+1: As such may I kindly ask you to please post a screenshot of your “audio” tab so we can see what you are seeing after you’ve created the grouped zone via Google home?


Hi Eric - sure enough, as I went to take a screenshot, the Group was there. So it appears to have resolved itself somehow, but it definitely took a few hours before appearing. Anyway, thanks for following up. I’ll let you know if it is a consistent issue for me or just a one off.


Sounds like a plan @Chris_Ferneyhough! Please let me know how things continue to hold up and if things are stable I will go ahead and close this thread out.

Happy listening!

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