Chromecast issues with 880 upgrade

Since I upgraded to 880 (and subsequently 884), artist photos have not appeared or rotated in the Chromecast Now Playing display. This has occurred despite working correctly while I was reviewing the 880 Beta.

Equipment Notes:

  • Core on IMac
  • innuos Zenith Mk II SE bridge
  • simaudio Moon 280D
  • Vizio TV with both Apple TV and Chromecast plug-in
  • all e-net hardwired

Practice Notes

  • local library + Tidal
  • artist photo-library personally curated with up to 15 photos per artist
  • example: 7 photos labeled as Led Zeppelin plus 2 of each of the 4 band members.


  • photo gallery for each artist rotates perfectly on iPad Remote.
  • issue occurs when viewing artists added both pre- and post-880 upgrade
  • in most cases where photos are available, only a blurred background graphic of the album art appears; in some cases, only a single photo of many uploaded appears; and in far less instances, multiple photos for a band will rotate, but never all that should.
  • in the last instance mentioned, it seems that only one artist photo for each of the differently identified photos appears and rotates. Using the Led Zep example, only one of 7 photos labeled Led Zeppelin appears, as well as only one of 2 band member-identified photos.

I appreciate any help, as I have been suffering from a Roon experience lacking the video!

Thank you

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