Chromecast MQA?

So - quick question that should be a yes/no for the support team.

Does Chromecast let me listen to decoded MQA when attached via the analog wire in the box to an amplifier? (i.e. would it show a blue light if it had a blue light?)

No. The Chromecast Audio device cannot render MQA. Roon will unfold and send 24/96 to the Chromecast Audio device. That is what happens on my system.


Thanks. That’s what I suspected.

what if you use the optical out on the on the chromecast to a MQA enabled DAC?

That should work…

i hav a bluesound node 2i but am curious if i really need it since i have a brooklyn DAC.


Pretty sure if you configure your CCA for optical output Roon will have no idea what it is connected to. Not necessarily a problem but you will have to manually configure the MQA settings.

I think the question you need answered is whether your Brooklyn DAC can process MQA using its optical input or if MQA processing is only available using the USB input… I just took a look at the MYTEK web site and did not see anything that would answer that question. Might be worth an email to MYTEK to find out.


Chromecast Audio is recongized by Roon. I have a normal chromecast hooked up to my TV and it is recongized.

The Brookyln DAC unfolds MQA not matter how it gets streamed there as long as it’s digital.

The question is…why spend lots of money on a streamer when the Chromecast Audio is “Roon Ready” can do the streaming for you at $35 if you use optical out to a MQA DAC

Chromecast streams up to 24/96k lossless.