Chromecast no longer gapless? [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock 2.0 (1148) on a NUC7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rock is wired via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Streaming Tidal via Chromecast to a Buchardt A500

Number of Tracks in Library

1100 tracks

Description of Issue

I used to stream music from my Rock (NUC7) over Chromecast to my Buchardt A500 completely gapless. However, after upgrading to Roon 2.0 it is no longer gapless when I stream Tidal or a local album from my NUC over Chromecast. Especially with classical music or DJ mixes it is frustrating. Hopefully somebody can help trying to fix this issue? Thanks for your help

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Darko mentioned this on one of his recent reviews.
Said something about it being a Google change and that it had affected Roon as well

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I played music from Roon to a chromecast audio puck over the weekend and im pretty sure it was gapless. You have to play the whole song for it to play gaplessly. If you jump to the end of the song to check if its gapless it won’t be.

I was having similar is it / isn’t it issues yesterday. Without knowing what might have changed to make it worse, I can say it’s more complicated than that!

I found that having played both tracks (immediately) previously, scrubbing to (near) the end of the first track made no difference, it was still gapless. Until it wasn’t.

There was a good post from Danny about why Chromecast gapless sometimes wasn’t, and why he believed the current compromise was likely the best given the constraints - would like to hear if @support know what’s changed!

I dont know then Andy. Ill try again when i get home from work and report back.

This from 2021…

Yes, I have tried that too. When you listen to classical music with different Acts and 20 tracks per Act it gives a gap between every track. Both on streaming albums or locally stored albums on my NUC running Rock. In my 5 years running Roon I never had issues with it until recently.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update: we’ve reproduced an issue where playback on the Chromecast is not gapless when it should be. We’ve submitted a development ticket and are working on improvements in this area.

Thank you all for your input and information around this issue :+1: