Chromecast questions/problems


My first question is where is the correct place to post chromecast questions?

If I have a Naim question I can post it in the Audio products/Naim area. If I have an Airplay question then Audio products/Airplay.

Why no area for Chromecast?

I took delivery of a Riva arena speaker yesterday. I’ve been looking for a small speaker that could be-be used with roon and with issues reported with the bluesound PULSE FLEX 2I and the Riva costing £150 on Amazon it looked like a viable option.

The Riva currently supports chromecast /airplay and dnla.

Trying out the speaker using Chromecast I noticed that hires flac files (24 bit 96khz & 192khz) don’t play via Roon. 24 bit 41&44 khz files play OK as do all 16 bit files.

Initially I suspected the Riva as I’ve played hires files via Chromecast on my Naim star and on my Naim QB (via Chromecast audio adapter). I switched to the tidal app selected a 24bit 192khz file and cast it to the Riva and it played with no issue.

Slightly suspicious that tidal might be doing something odd I then started up Asset UPnP on my nas and used it to play a 192khz file on the Riva ok.

At this point, I believe the Riva handles 192khz files via chromecast ok. I know Roon handles 192khz files over chromecast, but the two together seem unhappy.

I looked at the Roon signal path and could see some DSP conversion was taking place

And this gave me an idea. I set up a custom DSP conversion path for this speaker so that anything above 44khz was converted to 44khz. I now get playback and can group the speaker :grinning: but I don’t understand why I have to do this or where the problem lies?

Is this a Roon issue or a Riva issue?

Finally any contact from Riva regarding support for RAAT.


Search is available for all… “Chromecast 192”

"roon will not send anything greater than 24/96 to Chromecast devices. In the world of the Chromecast SDK, devices either advertise that they support 24/96 or they do not; there is currently no way for developers to determine with certainty that a device is capable of more. The signal path in your screenshot shows that Roon is resampling 24/192 content down to 24/96 before sending it to the C338, which is exactly what is expected. My statement was more of a hypothetical question regarding what would happen if we had a C338 in-house and what would happen if we blindly fed 24/192 content to the Chromecast implementation on the device.

If you’re concerned about avoiding downsampling of 24/192 content, I would look into a Roon Ready bridge device plugged into one of the C338’s digital inputs or an external DAC via one of the analog inputs. I don’t think Chromecast ecosystem support for >24/96 is a high priority for Google and we can’t do much without the right developer tools."

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Contact their support and ask what they would expect to see I think.

I have 4 Riva WAND speakers (1 Festival and 3 Arenas). I can only play them grouped using the Google Home “device.” Do you have more then one and, if so, can you play them grouped without using the Google Home “device?”

My signal path:

You have to use the Google home app to group Chromecasts.