Chromecast Revisited

I may be out of sync with the current design theory, but I think we (collectively) now worship at the feet of a minimalist, “clean” look. Nothing particularly wrong with that, except that that useful information is often jettisoned in its pursuit.

I have long wished for a Chromecast 2.0 effort that includes:

  1. Not just one, but two (or more) themes, one for displaying Classical and one for All Other music. It seems Roon is quite content with the current layout, but it really falls short on Classical music displays.
  2. The Classical theme needs (IMHO): a full-sized element for the WORK/composition name; a Composer , Conductor, and Ensemble element (always); a full-sized element for PART/movement; and a movement counter (, e.g., 3 of 5).

Here is the chromecast of what I’m listening to now:

Partially missing WORK, missing PART, ambiguous composer, lots of “wasted space”. Parenthetically, WHO is the guy in the photo? Composer? Performer? Conductor? Janitor?

If you would like to collaborate on a redesign, or point me to existing resources that I’ve overlooked, or opine on my opinions, I’d love to read them. Many thanks.

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