Chromecast (Rooncast :-) ) not bit perfect?

Firstly, thanks to all at Roon for implementing a great support of Chromecast, or perhaps we can call it Rooncast :slight_smile: - really a great and pleasant surprise.

I would like to ask if there’s any way to get bitperfect/lossless streaming? It seems the DSP is intervening to apply “Attenuating”?

No biggie, but just wondering. I’ve got my CA going great guns via my Mojo with optical input. Nice :slight_smile:

This happens because you’re using the volume control on the Chromecast Audio. If you want lossless streaming, set the Chromecast volume to 100 and then use your Mojo for volume control.

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By golly you’re right!

Thanks, excellent stuff :slight_smile:

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