Chromecast to replace Squeezebox?

So, with the just announced support for Chromecast, would this be an easy replacement for an old Squeezebox?
This is for a basic bedroom setup where a Chromecast Audio device could replace an old SB3 that currently feeds a CD/radio via RCA.

I would need to replace the standard L/R RCA cable with a mini headphone <-> L/R RCA cable, but I suppose that’s it?

Or, must the Chromecast Audio dongle be powered by USB? If so, then it’s not as easy as I thought. (As you can tell, I don’t own any Chromecast devices).

Anyone have an opinion of the sound quality difference between Chromecast Audio and SB3?

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I prefer the SB3. Is your SB3 having issues?

No issues. It’s an old device and I wonder if Chromecast Audio would bring any sonic benefits, or be a good alternative should the SB3 stop working.

Chromecast dongles are all powered by USB.

Doesn’t the audio dongle come with a micro USB PSU? I thought it did.

I think they all come with a PSU. Ultra is the only one that comes with the ethernet enabled PSU.