Chromecast to Roon

I would like to use Roon as multi room controller and player, I would also like to be able to cast something from phone (using Chromecast) to any of the rooms. Can Roon accept cast from phone? If not, could it be possible to attach Chromecast audio (I have them) to Roon device and select it as source in Roon?

Also there is possibility to use HifiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro and connect Chromecast audio to it. But then for every room I need to have one Chromecast Audio… which I don’t need. If I do it like this, I still have to figure out easy source selection procedure… which I assume will not be extra user friendly.

P.S. For playback and amplification I plan to use HifiBerry. Also later would like to use Roon to control playback on AudioNote DAC through COAX (also using HifiBerry). Also I still have to investigate Roon API for smart house integration, door bell and various announcements.

Im moving this to feature requests as none of what you want to do is supported or possible without a good mount of tinkering and thats only in the last paragraph but you cant control any DAC via COAX.

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