Chromecast ultra display keeps disappearing

Roon Core Machine

Grimm MU1 latest firmware
Latest Roon version

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus AC68U and Asus Mesh network

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast Ultra connected to Samsung Smart TV using HDMI input

Number of Tracks in Library

30,000 track Roon library 50;50 mix of local and network streamed content

Description of Issue

Chromecast display works great - for displaying lyrics/artwork whilst I am using Roon; but come the next day when I try to use the chromecast display - Roon is unable to find any displays, unless I reboot the chromecast display and plug/unplug the HDMI connection to the Samsung TV. The chromecast display works in that I am always able to find it on the network and if I switch the HDMI input on the TV, chromecast displays all the google images fine.

Hey @Evo1668,

Thanks so much for sharing this - we’re sorry about the trouble.

Could I please ask you to enable Start on Playback as explained below, and let us know if it makes a change?

Thanks :pray:

Thanks @beka for your reply. Switching to start on playback appears to have fixed the issue :+1:

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