Chromecast Woes

@support Thought you might want to know this. My CCU is attached to my A/V Receiver, then on via HDMI output to the TV.

I’ve had the music and CCU on simultaneously for a week or more. This AM it stuck on one album’s display after about an hour of continuous play. Nothing untoward being done on my end, other than switching tracks at random. Tried disable/re-enable; no joy.

I guess I’ll restart it now, but thought you’d want to know. And if there is a cure, pls send it on.

Latest everything; setup in profile

Update: rebooted, and it connected with Roon without fuss. THEN I changed tracks, and…its stuck on the first song. Inference: CCU/Roon can’t handle manual intervention, OR it may be an issue with how the CCU is connected.

Update 2: CCU is not updating screen after the initial connect. But it is changing the screensaver every minute, so it isn’t dead. Is this a known issue?

Hello @John_V,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue, just to confirm here, you have rebooted both your Chromecast Ultra, Roon Core, AV Receiver and networking gear and the same behavior still occurs? I have been playing music from my Chromecast Ultra just fine for the past few hours and the screen is updating as expected regarding song switching, so I believe this may be something environmental on your end. Please let me know if a full reboot resolves the issue or if not, we can take a closer look.


Sorry done all that. Going to do a complete reset of my network soon, and see if that impacts.

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Okay, all was well today. Temporary glitch.

Happy to hear that this issue has sorted itself out @John_V!

If you experience it again please let us know and we can take a closer look.