Circular volume control instead of slider

In the physical devices world we were used to volume dials. I’ve been spoiled with a physical remote volume dial for my Devialet but they have also made this volume control available in the remote Devialet app.

I really like the design choices Roon made on the latest volume control improvements (like being able to configure a max and comfort max with a button override.

There are still some improvements to be made. For example the sensitivity. The volume steps for the higher volume range could use a slower response. Sliding up from low volume is quick but setting it at the right higher volume level almost always requires the use the buttons instead of the sliders. This may be improved by using a bigger screen space for the volume control but even more would be to implement a circular volume control (the Devialet remote maybe as an example).

Curious on the thoughts of others…

I just want to be able to control my devices volume from my phone’s volume buttons. I can do this with Spotify and Chromecast on my Naim Uniti Atom but not Roon. :frowning:


+1 to better volume control - the bar is tiny or my fingers are too big and I need a click to get to it…? Should always be directly on top as with skip, it’s the #1 used “feature”

+1 for mobile device button control. I have SONOS and yes…it works like a charm

Interface is indeed too tiny and not suitable for small volume changes. Yes you can use the buttons but why use two interface types to solve a single problem. A circular dial would be best but judging from the very small amount of reactions I’m on my own it seems :slight_smile:

The current sliders for volume control definitely need further improvement. Too small, too easy to hit the wrong one with multiple outputs in a Zone, can easily move it too far and so have to change to the +/- buttons. Never had an app with a circular volume control so I can’t say that is better and is the solution. How does it work exactly? How much real estate does it take up if we have many speakers in a zone?