Cirrus7 fanless i7, will it work?

Good catch. I missed this part.

Thanks Peter, I didn’t know there was only one m.2 slot in these. So I would just use an ordinary SATA III SSD for the storage drive?

Yes use SATA for music storage.

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It doesn’t have to be an SSD for music storage; an ordinary SATA HDD will do equally well. The advantages of using SSD are a) silent operation and b) greater storage capacity in the same physical form factor. The disadvantage is that you pay a premium for SSD over HDD…


Thanks geoff - I was looking at an SSD for storage to keep everything nice and silent.

Something like this will work. Prices have come down a little the last few years (not as much as I thought but a little).

It’s a larger capacity version of what I installed too:


Ahh the Samsung price drops I’ve been waiting for the last few years are finally coming with the QVO line - coming soon.

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Thanks, the first drive is a great price in the UK. The QVO doesn’t appear to be available in a 2TB in the UK yet.

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What is CPU frequency during playback?

I don’t have it anymore so I can’t check.

Anyone now really using a cirrus device? Can you recommend it? Or would you suggest something else?

It depends on what you are looking for…

I am using a nimbini v2.5 media Edition. The Quality is awesome! So if you are looking for a device which you can use out-of-the-box cirrus is your way to go.

If you are interested in a DIY Project maybe this solution is right for you:

This solution will offer you some more flexibilty. More SSD, more HDD, …

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Thanks. I’m thinking of running roon on the device and to use it for office and lightroom. Do you think the cirrus media is usable for that?

Yes, should be sufficient. Even the smallest NUC cpu should be powerful enough.

Just ensure that you buy enough RAM…

Can I do that by myself? Is it easy to replace ssd and ram?
Now also with ryzen. Does anybody know if the amd is supported by Roon.

The AMD Ryzen processor shares the same architecture and is a direct competitor to the Intel i7, i.e. x86-64. So yes, Roon will run with this processor.

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Is the question Roon, or ROCK? Roon on Windows should work. ROCK on the other hand may not work. It would need someone to load it and try to confirm.


ROCK is designed for Intel NUC (which certain variants of Cirrus are based on), and since this thread is under ROCK subforum I’d assume you’re asking about ROCK. See the MOCK thread for people’s experience with non-supported hardware and, if any, solutions for driver problems.

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Yes, a rock installation would be best, but for that it seems that a nuc backbone would be easier. I’m still looking for a “cheaper” rock solution, but I’m not in a hurry.