Cisco 2960 and CAT7 cable

‪So about 2 months ago I bought a Cisco 2960 network switch and some CAT7 Ethernet cable to replace a cheap netgear switch and some old cat5 cable‬‪. I got it up and running and i was hugely disappointed - the degradation of the so‪und quality was stark. At first I thought it was because I’d turned all my equipment off for the first time in ages, however the sound was no better a couple of weeks later.

The network switch was brand new (the 2960 are now obsolete but I found one new and boxed) so I hoped that it would eventually burn in and things would settle down‬.

[Note: The Cisco 2960 is well known in audio circles for having a positive impact on sound quality as part of a network streaming set-up]

So about two weeks ago things started to change - the separation between instruments and soundstage started to expand‬‪. Everything became much more defined with greater dynamics and clarity, so much so that it was like I’d upgraded to a much more expensive DAC or introduced a master clock. The last few days things have sounded better than ever. It’s a huge difference, a transformation.

I just thought I’d share this with you as it really has been a journey, but one with a very positive outcome.

Thanks for sharing with us. Playing with network equipment is a “hot topic”, because bits are bits. But “open minded” music lovers doesn’t care only with protocols and such, but we listen to our ears. I also have a 2960 and a 2960G. Take time and play with power cables and isolation as well. With Cisco 2960 you have the chance to easily try different power cables. And it worth to try different isolations below your router, for example Cardas Golden Cuboid myrtle wood blocks ( I don’t have any experience with it, but one of my friends have very good experience with them. But I will try them soon. Check some other Ethernet cables as well, like Supra CAT8 or something other from audio companies. They have their own sound…