Clarification on moving library to nuc

I need some clarification on the instructions. Perhaps I’m being too literal, but bear with me:

Here are the Roon instructions on moving the library. Looks clear enough on first glance, but I’ve circled the two problematic instructions. I understand shutting down Roon on the old core and disabling the old watched folder. But how do you “…quit Roon (or stop Roon server on nucleus)” on the nuc? If I turn off Roon on the nuc, the nuc shuts down. Then I can’t access the Storage folder to establish as a watched folder.

Perfectly reasonable that “…the best experience will come from letting Roon look at the folders when the files have settled”, but how do you get them in there with Roon turned off?

Stopping and restarting Roon is confirmed by the second circle - which should be referring to step 3, not step 2. Then Roon begins scanning the watched folder.

What am I missing here? (nuc is nuc7i5BNH with ROCK, 8GB RAM, 128 m.2 SDD, and 2TB HDD internal)

You want to stop Roon Server on the ROCK Web UI, not shut down the NUC.

Click here to open the Web UI. In the Web UI, you should see Roon Server Software. Click the down arrow and select Stop.

Once Roon Server has stopped, then you can copy files over safely. Then you can again go to Roon Server Software and select Start.

Cheers, Greg

Got it! Thanks - I hadn’t explored the pull-downs of the admin UI. Thought they were solely installation/reboot, etc.