Clarification Requested: Roon Server Launch at Startup

I’ve got a couple of questions about the “Launch at startup” option in Roon Server:

  1. The above option shows up on the Windows version of Roon Server. Is the same option there on the OS X version of Roon Server?
  2. I assume that it’s not an option in the Linux versions of Roon Server - the server will always be launched when Linux starts up?


  1. Yes – the toggle is available in the toolbar top right.

  2. Yes – RoonServer runs a service. You can manually start/stop if needed. You can disable the service if (for whatever reason) you do not want it to load at startup and enable/start manually afterwards.

beat me by a few seconds, saw your response pop in as I was typing.

Thanks guys - that helps me add a tweak to the KB.

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50% of answering credit goes your way then. :slight_smile: